Rotary switch Series GARBY - porcelain pastel blue - incl. base plate aged wood

, This product is a combination of:, , 103333-024, toggle switch porcelain pastel blue, 103355-002 base plate aged wood, base plate with notch for conduit of pipes, , All available components can be, found in the list of parts (see info)

This product is a combination of:

toggle switch porcelain pastel blue
103355-002 base plate aged wood
base plate with notch for conduit of pipes

All available components can be
found in the list of parts (see info)

Ref.-No 121412

former 433.2109  4332109

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    • General product information

      Surface mounting, as was common at the start of the last century, means visible laying of cables, wires or tubes. The beforementioned are laid directly, or with spacers, visibly on the plaster onto the wall.

      For a long time surface mounting was considered as being ugly, was even frowned upon, but sometimes it just is unavoidable. Today, however, home automation must no longer hide. Consciously used, the switch system GARBY along with its corresponding tube system allows a new way of looking at things and helps to design walls and rooms. The home automation may show itself again!

      Specific product information

      Material and manufacturing process

      The switch system GARBY is produced by the traditional Spanish manufacturer FONTINI. We are the German distributor of their products.

      The carcases of the switches, sockets and junction boxes are made of porcelain. Porcelain has always been a favoured material in electrical engineering. Porcelain has crystal clear aesthetics, a pleasant feel and very good insulating properties.

      The porcelain carcase has a small, semi-circular opening for the cable entry at the bottom.

      Variants - switches and pushbuttons

      The surface mounted switchs are available in black or white porcelain, with different rotary knobs as well as with decor. The rotary switches are available with 2 different functionalities:

      • Two way switch- if you want to control one light from 1 to 2 places
      • Crossing switch - if you want to control one light from a third place
      We also offer turn switches in the same design. In this connection, the rotary knob goes back to the starting position after the rotational movement (spring-return button). The functionality is the same as with the pushbutton.

      Buttons are generally used, when you want to operate from a minimum of 3 locations. In contrast to the cross switch, this installation requires an impulse switch (relay), the wiring and the design of the switch is simpler. Instead of the latching relay, a staircase time switch (time relay) can be used.

      Variants - sockets

      For our GARBY series we offer two variants of sockets:

      German Schuko-sockets or sockets with centre contact for the french electrical system (F). Both variants are offered in the following styles:

      • socket with porcelain carcase and interior made of thermoset
      • socket made of porcelain

      Variants - base plates

      We provide wooden plates for surface laying. These are made of beechwood and available in three different surface finishes:

      • natural, unpainted
      • painted, honey coloured
      • aged, painted dark tarnish
      The base plates have recesses with plastic sleeves, on which the pipes are plugged. Multiple base plates are available in vertical and horizontal design. The wooden base plates are already equipped with fire protection boards made of plastic.

      It is also possible to put a surface switch to a flush-mounted socket. In this case, the base plates do not have a cable outlet. If you did not install a socket, the switch can also be mounted directly onto the wall without the base plate.

      Tubes and accessories

      The surface-mounted iron tubes (painted rust matt) have a length of 3 meters. They can be parted if desired. The tubes are offered in 3 different diameters: 16/22 /25 mm. Other accessories needed should be chosen with suitable diameter.

      Safety and fire prevention

      All switches and sockets comply to the standards required in Germany. They meet the strict safety regulations of the VDE.

      Important note: When mounting on flammable surfaces, the surface-mounted switches, sockets and junction boxes must be fitted correctly to a fire protection board. This fire protection board is a plastic plate, which is simply inserted on the rear side. It is included in the delivery.

    • Packaging, delivery, lead time

      Packaging and delivery

      Please note: deliveries of pipes in 3 m length requires a special service of our parcel service, that is invocied with a bulky goods surcharge of 68, - ¤ ( within Germany). We gladly offer parting the tubes to 2 x 1.5 m, to avoid these additional costs.

      We ship with DPD as insured package, delivery costs Germany 6,80 € (+ possibly island surcharge), EU shipping: 17 €, non EU-countries: shipping costs on request.

    • Instructions for mounting and care

      Mounting instructions

      The interior is fitted with 2 screws on the wall or wooden base plate, wired, then the housing is placed and screwed.

      Please note that all installation work on electrical installations must be carried out by a qualified electrician. We cannot accept any liability for damages due to incorrect mounting.

      Care instructions

      Porcelain is extremely impact and scratch resistant, special care is not required. For occasional cleaning we recommend using soft cloth.

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