Switch system «5.1»

Sockets, rotary switches, rocker switches, rocker pushbuttons, ...

About the serie 5.1

Simple elegance – the toggles of the 5.1 series put old shapes in a new design in the limelight. The delicate shapes and high-quality surfaces of these switches allow to bring out special highlights.

The base plates are available in different materials and surface finishes. With frames, decorative rings and various surfaces of the toggles, you can compose your customized switches. The plates are produced order related, according to the individual combination ordered. They can be mounted horizontally as well as vertically.

The switches are available with diverse functionalities: as two-way-switch, crossing switch, double switch, switch for electric blinds, toggle, push button, and dimmer. Sockets and cable outlet covers complement the range.

The switches of the 5.1. series can easily be installed on existing fitting installations. The distances of the frames are standardized.

Examples of installation

Examples of combinations

Order components

Order related production

The switches of the 5.1 series are produced order related and according to your individual specifications. The series offers many possible combinations. In order to make a price offer we need some more information from you.

Base plates

  • The base plate is available in 4 specified measurements:
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Size of the base plate: Single plate, double-, tripple- or quadruple plate
  • Order of the desired switches or outlets or sockets from left to right or from top to bottom respectively.
  • Desired surface finish of the base plate (9 variants)

Decorative rings

  • Desired amount and surface finish of decorative rings (5 variants)

Decorative frames

  • Desired surface finish of the frame (5 variants)


  • Surface finishes (5 different variants)
  • Desired functionality of the inserts with toggle:
    • two-way switch
    • double two-way switch
    • crossing switch
    • double crossing switch
    • double switch two-way/cross
    • toggle
    • double toggle
    • switch for electric blinds
    • dimmer with toggle 500W
    • dimmer with toggle 900W

Pushbutton and dimmer

  • desired surface inside (7variants)
  • desired surface of the ring outside (6varinats)


The inlets for the sockets (Schuko-socket, according to German standards) are supplied in black, as is the standard version except for base plates in Corian where the standard version is white. Outlets with center contact (French system) are also available.


Sockets are available as:

  • double telephone socket
  • double-RJ45-socket
  • combination of RJ-45 / telephone socket
  • RTV-socket
  • cable
  • blind cover
  • other sockets on request

Technical recommendations

Switches and sockets can easily be installed on square universal flush-mounted box 60x60 mm or on round standard flush-mounted boxes. The distances are standardized (71mm). Exception: The double switches only fit on square boxes. When using round boxes you have to order 2 single switches.

All switches and sockets are delivered on assempbly plates. Mounting is made without screws using clamps.

Toggles are delivered with a protective cover. Please remove this cover only after installation.

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